Concept Of Pak Karubaar, who we are?

Pak Karubaar started from the mere concept of making the process of reselling new and used
branded products in Pakistan from home easier. Our founder, Rubeena Omar realized this when she
was observing bags and looking at buying one for herself. This concept was further validated when in
search of preloved furniture she visited different homes, and as it was her first experience shopping for
preowned furniture, was genuinely afraid of what each visit might bring. She realized it would have been
much easier if there was a person or brand that could verify the authenticity for both buyers and sellers.
Many of us have extra items at home i.e gifts from abroad, quick purchases at sales, wrong sizes .. what
is not purposeful for you might be the need for someone else.
She took the initiative from WhatsApp, at the beginning of March 2017 which eventually shifted to
Facebook and it grew from there. In October 2018, Pak Karubaar was incubated at Plan 9, PITB’s tech
incubator, at Arfa Karim Tower, Lahore.

Our Tiers:

* In our segment ‘Pak Bazaar’ we become the bridge between buyers and sellers by keeping both parties
anonymous. This aspect is in place to ensure maximum security for you. However, in some aspects such
as furniture, it may vary.
* ‘Our Shops’
Pak Karubaar is home to many talented entrepreneurs, artisans, and wholesalers, whom we work with
after careful consideration.
* Shop from the UK
Order UK brands to your doorstep from the comfort of your home!

Our Community:

We are entrepreneurs and understand the strong need for a support group and community of like-minded people who can move forward together. We as startups need to evolve to solve problems and
help one another with many similar issues that we all face in our growth, without the negativity. For this
purpose, we have a closed women’s group on Facebook, “Karubaari Women Pakistan’ for working
women in a collective effort of bringing positivity and growth.
Making the process of online buying and selling in Pakistan, easier, safer, and more reliable.

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